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  1. Watch the overview video
  2. Fill in the required information on this page. You will be given a teacher code. The students will create accounts with this code.
  3. Login from the main page www.deltamath.com.
  4. Help Videos are linked in the upper right corned of the teacher page.
  5. The students will only be able to do something if the teacher creates an assignment for them (see videos).
  6. Email me at korzyk@gmail.com with any questions.
  7. Read the website description. (Optional)

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Website Description

The site currently has 250 different math skills (aligned with content standards). There are limited topics from Geometry at this time. I will be updating these throughout the school year. The teacher assigns a subset of these skills in an Assignment. The teacher can say how many problems are required to get a 100% on each skill. In my class I generally set the bar at 5 and make the "penalty" "back to zero". Which means if they get one wrong they have to start over, requiring 5 in a row for full credit. It can also be set so that the student loses no credit for wrong answers: just get 5 right and it doesn't matter if you get any wrong. Or a penalty of "minus 1", meaning if they got 4 in a row then one wrong, they would now be at 3 and required to get 2 more right to get 5. In any case the student's assignment grade is always based on their best score. So if they got 4 right then got 2 wrong, they would still have a score of 80% on that skill, but have a longer way to go to achieve a 100%. The good part about that is their grade can never go down and they can keep trying and trying until they get a 100 on the assignment.

Email korzyk@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, or bug reports.

Enjoy the site!