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Zach Korzyk created DeltaMath in 2009 when he wrote a simple program on substituting values into the Quadratic Formula. Positive student response prompted him to kick into gear and create content for the rest of the school year.

In its first full year as a functional site, DeltaMath was used by 100 teachers and 5,000 students. In the years to come, Zach worked nights, weekends, and summers adding content and features. He taught himself database management, web servers, and JavaScript. By 2019-2020, the site had grown to over 100,000 teacher-users and 4 million students.

DeltaMath Team

Zach Korzyk
Ben Peled
VP/Director of Curriculum
Jason Eiben
Senior Software Engineer
Katey Phillips
Ellen Wuu
Program Associate
Lori Bodner
Content Designer
Stephanie Ling
Contributing Developer
Maggie Weinreb
Program Associate