Frequently Asked Questions

What grade levels do you support?

We currently support grades 6 through 12, including Calculus.

Can we print tests and assignments with DeltaMath?

In SY 22-23, teachers on the INTEGRAL tier will have the ability to print assignments and assessments to PDF for accessibility and classroom use. Printable answer keys will be accessible for each problem set. Additionally, teachers will have the option of adding a QR code that links back to full online solutions.

Is there any way for teachers to see student work?

In SY 22-23, teachers on the INTEGRAL tier will have the ability to assign and collect student notes. Images would be uploaded directly from a student’s computer or could be submitted from a phone using a QR code displayed on their screen.

Does my teacher account have access to all grade levels/problems?

Yes. Every teacher account has access to all grade levels.

What state standards is DeltaMath aligned to?

Our problems are currently (SY 21-22) algined to Common Core standards. In SY 22-23, we will offer alignment to standards for all 50 US states, DC, and Canada. INTEGRAL site licenses will include data views of performance against standards.

Is there any limit to the number of assignments?

No. With a DeltaMath Teacher account, you can create unlimited assignments. With DeltaMath PLUS, you can also assign videos, create tests, select specific problem sub-types, and/or create your own problem.

What kind of data does a teacher have access to?

Teachers can see every problem students have attempted or seen, including student answers. Timestamps detail when students were solving, their last actions, and the amount of time spent on each problem. Teachers can also view and export aggregate student completion grades. With DeltaMath PLUS, teachers can see when students started a timed test or assignment, how long students worked on that test or assignment, and also track if students watched help videos.

Does DeltaMath offer integrations?

At present (SY 21-22), integrations with Canvas, Schoology, ClassLink, and Clever are offered as an add on with our PLUS site licenses. Contact us directly to learn more. In SY 22-23, we will offer Canvas and Schoology integrations with our INTEGRAL teacher accounts and Canvas, Schoology, ClassLink, and Clever integrations with our INTEGRAL site licenses.

Can teachers share their tests and assignments?

Yes. Teachers can share tests and assignments via the Copy Assignments feature under the Tools menu. Admins using an INTEGRAL site license will also have the ability to push assessments for diagnostic purposes.

I'm a student, and I'm having trouble getting into my account. What should I do?

Contact your teacher. They should have the ability to see your email login and/or reset your password. If that doesn't work, they can reach out to us for next steps.

Why can't I "Sign in with Google"?

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